The Play Project: Early Autism Intervention

EricaThe Play Project - Early Autism Intervention, autism support winona mn, autism resources, autism therapy is a Certified PLAY Project Consultant in training and is already working with families using this model of early autism intervention.

The PLAY Project was founded in 2001 by Richard Solomon, MD, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dr. Solomon developed this program in response to the need for evidenced-based intensive early intervention for children with autism plus the desire to support the development of joyous relationships between children and their caregivers. The PLAY Project is available in close to 30 states and 9 countries (and counting!) 

The PLAY Project recently completed a three‐year multi‐site randomized controlled trial which showed improvements in both parent‐child interaction and autism diagnosis.
This large scale study focused on the impact of our autism intervention: a parent-mediated play and relationship focused program.

Significant improvements in:

  • caregiver/parent and child interaction
  • social interaction of children with autism
  • social-emotional development of children with autism
  • autism symptomology

Secondary outcomes:

  • Improved parent stress and depression; and
  • PLAY Project consultant fidelity.

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