Desire Map

The Desire Map | Licensed FacilitatorHow do you want to feel when you wake up in the morning? When you get in the car? When you open the door at work? When you drop your kids off at school or take your dog for a walk? How do you want to feel when you walk into a room? Meet someone new? Have a creative breakthrough?


This question posed by Danielle LaPorte in the best seller The Desire Map turns traditional goal setting inside out. Instead of pushing and striving toward external goals, we talk about how we want to feel in the various parts of your life. Because when you get clear on how you want to feel, the pursuit of goals itself will become more satisfying.

August Integrative Therapy is a licensed Desire Map Facilitator, which means that we are trained and ready to be your personal, expert guide into creating goals with soul—a life-changing process that helps you design a life that feels good.

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I know that you are destined to feel fulfilled and realize your full potential. You are here to design a life that feels good: when you wake up, when you go to work, when you cook dinner, create something, spend time with your loved one. The Desire Map has radically changed the way I live my life, and I am so thrilled to share this experience with you.

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