The journey from childhood to adulthood is a critical time of development and identity formation.

There are numerous emotional strains affecting teens today that may result in the need for psychotherapy.  Teens today face a great deal of pressure at school and socially.  Issues like low self-esteem, conflict with siblings or classmates, depression, eating disorders, distractibility, and substance abuse need to be addressed, and not ignored.

It takes a therapist with a specific skill set to be able to create the type of therapeutic relationship and environment in which teens thrive.  We love helping teens end cycles of frustration and take a fresh look at themselves and their lives so they can discover who they are and are meant to and want to be.

Advanced training in mindfulness and stress reduction guides our work with teens, and we offers several expressive therapies to assist her younger clients.  At August Integrative Therapy, teens feel cared about and understood.  They explore effective ways to solve problems and manage obstacles and barriers on life’s sometime bumpy road so they can discover the best way forward for themselves.

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