Supporting your teen - winona area support group for parents

Do you feel like you’re slowly being sucked into the emotional hurricane of your teen’s world?

If you’re watching your teen through fearful eyes, you have a wide host of things to keep you up at night…like the rise of peer suicides, teen anxiety and stress, trouble at school, uncertain plans for the future and increasing turmoil as society shifts and changes on a global scale…that has local reverberations.

Under the boiling surface of all these challenges is the ultimate truth that you, as a parent, can’t control everything. Try as you might, you can’t create a perfect, easy life for your child.

Does this sound like you?

  • Your child is actively disengaging, but you can see they need support
  • You’re worried about your child’s emotional wellness
  • You’d like to better understand your teen’s thoughts and concerns
  • You like to better understand the dynamics of the teen-age brain
  • You want more support and connection with other parents

I created the Supporting Your Teen series in response to the repeated request from parents who wish they understood their teenagers better.

Parents like you have been asking me the questions that have been plaguing them:

  • Is my teen’s behavior normal? How do I know if my teen needs more support than they’re getting…and how do I present it in a way they’ll be willing to receive it?
  • What kind of limits are good, and how do I set them?
  • How do I help my teen to become self reliant yet still maintain connections?
  • What am I supposed to do as a parent when my teen is spinning from anxiety, stress and worry?
  • How can I make my child stop being so surly and defiant all the time?

I want to help you learn how to survive the hardest, most stressful parts of your relationship so you can actually start enjoying parenting again.

In this program, you’ll learn how to navigate power struggles, parent mindfully and teach your child responsibility and independence. You’ll learn how to reassure your teen—and yourself—that things are going to work out, and how much this mindset can shift the dynamic for you both.

The Supporting Your Teen series is a four week in-person program beginning March 28 at 5:15pm.

The series is at 5:15pm on Wednesdays for 4 weeks.

Each week, you’ll meet for an hour with certified therapist Jamie Sanders and a small group of other parents. Each weekly topic is accompanied by practical ways to cope with the challenges you’re facing, plus the opportunity to share, connect and learn from one another as we explore ways to take that topic and infuse what we learn into our daily lives.

If you’re ready to learn some positive parenting strategies to help your teen beat anxiety, stress and worry—while cultivating more balance and resilience in yourself—you’ve come to the right place.

This program is created and guided by Jamie Sanders, APSW, LGSW.

Supporting Your Teen weekly topics

Week 1
Having optimism and resilience as a parent

Week 2
Fostering optimism and resilience in your teen

Week 3
Relationship health & fostering connection

Week 4
Navigating power struggles, surly attitudes, and stress

Questions? Just email Jamie.

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Registration includes:

  • Four week in-person program
  • Weekly hour-long group to share, learn and connect with other local parents
  • Weekly “homework” to deepen the lesson
  • Email support from a licensed therapist

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