Fees & Insurance

Flexible payment plans and reduced fees based on need are available. Please ask for more details.

The fees for therapy sessions are determined by length of session. August Counseling  is committed to meeting your individual needs, and thus offers flexible scheduling options for sessions of various lengths, including:

  • 90 minute sessions       $180
  • 60 minute sessions       $120
  • 45 minute sessions       $90
  • 30 minute sessions       $60

The 30 minute sessions are reserved for those who have met their counseling goals but would like additional support as they move forward in their lives. 30 minute sessions are also available for those who would like to have a second weekly appointment focused on calming, reducing anxiety or creating joy.

Reduced Fees and Discounts

Reduced rates are available based on need. If you require a reduced rate, please tell me and I will adjust your fees. August Counseling also provides standard reduced fees for law enforcement personnel, first responders and their immediate family members.

Billing Health Insurance

I am not currently a contracted “in network” provider for health insurance companies. Though this may make counseling services more costly for you, it could also make it more beneficial because my services are focused on meeting your needs and not your insurance company’s priorities. I can also offer discounts and charge lowered fees based on your income.

No Need for Diagnosis

Some people also choose to see a therapist, like me, who does not bill their health insurance because their difficulties are not a result of a mental illness, but are a result of an experience or loss. Many insurance companies only cover counseling sessions if you have a diagnosed mental health disorder. Because I don’t bill your insurance, this means that you don’t need a formal diagnosis in order to work with me.

However, I am fully qualified to diagnose and treat a variety of mental health disorders and I will provide a full clinical assessment of your mental health strengths, needs and suggested treatment priorities. If you need more intensive mental health treatment, I can refer you to one of the many qualified therapists in the area who would be a good match for you.

Complete Confidentiality

Some people also prefer to see a therapist without a contract with your insurance company because it means your confidentiality and privacy are maintained. Therapists who bill your insurance company are required to provide a significant amount of information to your insurance company in order for them to approve and reimburse for treatment. Depending on the insurance provider, they may require information about your diagnosis, your life experiences, your treatment plan and your improvement. Some people prefer a higher level of privacy, which a therapist who doesn’t bill health insurance can provide.

I can provide you with a detailed receipt, also called a “superbill,”so that you may choose use funds set aside in a pre-tax health account.