Grief & Loss Counseling

In-person and online counseling available

After you have suffered the loss of someone you love, I will help you cope with the pain and sorrow while finding peace and joy again.

If you have found me here, it means your life is in upheaval, and for that, I am sorry. And yet, I can confidently say that you can come through this and feel happiness again. Together, we will find comfortable ways to cope with your grief and other emotions, remember your loved one, and navigate your new life situation.

Many reasons for seeking counseling stem from grief and loss, since we are constantly dealing with life’s changes. I have used the grief model of counseling to help people who are experiencing a traumatic experience, loss of relationship/divorce, adjustment to college or leaving home, infertility, and anxiety/depression.

August Integrative Therapy helps you and your family navigate the stressful and painful times in life, leaving you all happier and more comfortable.

I offer ONLINE individual and group counseling options across Minnesota and Wisconsin, and in-office individual, family, couple and group options in Winona, MN.

To schedule a session or learn more, please contact me at or 507.313.4103.