Group Experiences

August Integrative Therapy provides group experiences for people in similar situations to learn and connect. We have seen that when people come together to learn and support each other, all sorts of magic happens. We can co-create a retreat or group experience with you to meet your specific needs, or choose from one of our packages listed below.

Costs vary by time allotment and package, and we work to keep group experiences as affordable as possible. Let us know if you are interested in August Integrative Therapy hosting a group experience that meets your needs by emailing us at:

Supporting Your Teen

How to stop parenting from fear & learn to guide from love and trust

The Supporting Your Teen series is a four week in-person program beginning in March (start date and weekly meeting times will be determined by the participants). Each week, you’ll meet for an hour with therapist Jamie Sanders and a small group of other parents. Each weekly topic is accompanied by practical ways to cope with the challenges you’re facing, plus the opportunity to share, connect and learn from one another as we explore ways to take that topic and infuse what we learn into our daily lives.

If you’re ready to learn some positive parenting strategies to help your teen beat anxiety, stress and worry—while cultivating more balance and resilience in yourself—you’ve come to the right place.

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Holiday Grief Support Circle

Facing your first holiday after losing a loved one

A seven-week online course beginning November 13. Each week of this course, you’ll receive a video about the week’s topic that you can watch at your convenience. Each weekly topic is accompanied by practical ways to cope with the challenges you’re facing, plus a hands-on activity or exercise to deepen the lesson.

If you’re interested in using mindfulness, self-compassion and remembering rituals to find comfort during the holidays, you’ve come to the right place. Choose from self-study or group program options. This program is created and guided by Jamie Sanders, APSW, LGSW.

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Grief Healing Retreats

This retreat offers holistic healing practices for the body, mind and spirit to use on the grief journey. There an opportunity to share your grief with others in a confidential, caring environment, as well as time for quiet self-reflection. The retreats include a variety of experiences designed  calm your central nervous system and direct your thoughts toward a healing. It is a nurturing experience designed to honor what we have lost, while holding hope for the future. You will leave with newly discovered skills for living with grief.

Your group can choose from a menu of experiences that others living with grief find comfort in. Some possibilities include Centering Breath & Guided Imagery, Yoga & Balance, Writing as a Healing Tool, Artistic Expression, Rituals to Honor and Bring Hope, Meditation, Gratitude Practices, Literature and Poetry for Healing, Guided Mindfulness, Massage, Guided Sharing Circles, Self-Compassion Practices, Music for Healing.

This retreat experience can be adapted for all ages. It can be designed for a group that is already connected or we bring people in similar situations together. It is valuable anytime in the grief process, but can be especially welcome many months, even years after a loss, when support drifts away and you are searching for how to live in a world without your loved one.

Grief Support Groups

These groups are similar to the Healing Retreats, but are in once a week in a 4 week or 6 week format. Support Groups also include discussion on handling some of the practical or challening aspects of living after a loss. Some topics often discussed include: talking to others about your loss or answer difficult questions, handling Holidays and anniversaries of importance (the date of the loss), coping with financial changes and legal challenges, parenting while grieving, coping with depression or fear, and/or topics specific for those bereaved by suicide. We bring people together, or provide for your already connected group. We design groups for children as well.